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Saw-spindle moulder machine

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The saw-spindle moulder for D.I.Y. woodworkers and craftsmen workshops essential, practical and with the best price/performances ratio.

Incredible cutting of both very thick solid wood and panels, even those veneered, thanks to the new saw unit with ablade that has a maximum diameter of 315 mm with the scoring blade fitted.

New scoring unit that can easily be adjusted from outside the machine, supplied on request.

Easier, more precise cutting: a perfectly stable support is guaranteed, even for large workpieces, by the very wide sliding table and the large squaring frame (960 x 600 mm) provided as standard.

Extraordinary power: the 5kW (6,6hp) 50Hz – 6kW (8hp) 60Hz three-phase motors are provided as standard.

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st 3 classic
Cast iron saw-spindle moulder worktable dimensions 1115 x 430 mm
Max. saw blade diameter with scoring blade installed 315 mm
Max. saw blade projection from table at 90°/45° 100/79 mm
Squaring stroke 2310 ÷ 2660 mm
Cutting width on parallel fence 900 ÷ 1270 mm
Max. tool diameter when profiling 210 mm
Max. diameter of tool lowered under the table at 90° 180 mm
Max. tool diameter when tenoning 275 mm

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