t 45 classic

Spindle moulder with fixed spindle

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The spindle moulder, with sliding table and fixed or tilting spindle, versatile and easy to use, ideal for D.I.Y. woodworkers and craftsmen.

Maximum stability during machining, with the steel and cast iron structure.
Great versatility with the spindle moulder speeds up to 10.000 rpm.
Extraordinary power: the 5kW (6,6hp) 50Hz – 6kW (8hp) 60Hz three-phase motors are provided as standard.
Customization for every woodworking need thanks to the wide range of optional devices.

Ficha técnica
t 45 classic
Max. useful spindle length 100 mm
Max. tool diameter when profiling 210 mm
Max. dimensions of tool lowered under table at 90° 180 mm
Three-phase motor power 5 (6) kW – 50 (60) Hz

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