SiX L’invincibile

Sliding table saw ± 46° tilting

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The advantages of an exclusive choice.
Buying a «L’invincibile » machine means you get a customized solution, thanks to experience, technical research and Italian creativity.



Very high cutting quality thanks to the sliding table structure with special ground-arch steel guides (Scm patented solution).
Maximum fluidity of movement thanks to the telescopic swinging arm made of a large dimensioned extrusion and linear guide on recirculating ball bearings.
Torsional rigidity and total absence of vibration through the closed loop structure of the saw unit which ensures perfect alignment of the saw blades.


Ficha técnica
L’invincibile siX
Squaring capacity with carriage and
extended stop
mm 3200×3200
Blade tilting +/- 46°
Main blade rotating speed rpm 2350 ÷ 5200
Scoring blade rotating speed rpm 6000
Cutting height at 90° mm 205
Cutting height at +45° w scoring mm 130
Cutting height at -45° w scoring mm 105
Main blade motor power Hz 50 kW 9
Scoring blade motor power Hz 50 kW 0,9

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