Thicknessing planer

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Thicknessing planer for demanding craftsmen and carpentries whose robustness guarantees a high-quality finishing end product.

Excellent workpiece stability, for an absolute long-lasting precision: the ground, cast iron worktable is fixed on four recirculating ball screws contemporarily driven and dust-protected. An helicoidal infeed roller grants a strong and constant workpiece feed.A rubber covered outfeed roller maintains a perfect workpiece finishing. An impeccable result: the pressure on the feeding rollers can be adjusted depending on the workpiece type to be machined.

Ficha técnica
SP 1
Working width 520 mm
Cutter block diameter (mm)/n. of knives standard 120/4
Cutter block diameter (mm)/n. of knives standard 3 ÷ 250 mm
4 feed speeds 5/8/12/18 m/min
Three-phase motor power starting from 7 (8) kW – 50 (60) Hz

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