Integrated windows machining centre

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Ideal for companies processing door and window frames and solid wood doors, it can work per batches. All machining can be performed on the machine: trimming, tenoning, accessorial machining (drilling-routing), rebating independently of the construction concept, type of joint, type of section.

ROTARY MOVEMENT OF THE PRESSER: tenoning without comparison
Automatic tenoning cycle to reduce unproductive times and risks for the operator to a minimum due to the rotary movement of the presser: it is possible to process, in sequence, the two sides of the work piece in a completely automatic way.
HSK INTERCHANGEABLE SPINDLES: the forefront at your finger tips 
Great variety in terms of number of tools thanks to the spindles with HSK taper : easy use, fast machine set-up, high performances in finishing quality.
“OPTIMA  1”: new boring-routing machining head
The machine can be fitted with a drilling-routing unit for all complementary machiningwhen tenoning: the work-piece exits ready to be assembled and workpiece does not have to be finished in subsequent stages on other machines.
The structure reduces noise to a minimum and ensures complete safe and ergonomic conditions for the operator. Ideal for small manufacturers who want to manufacture high quality products but have a limited floor space.


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Max. workpiece length: 3000 mm std (3800 mm opt.)
Max. workpiece width: 200 mm
Max. workpiece thickness: 140 mm
Max. angle : +/- 60°


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